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Mastering The Art of Neurosurgical On-call

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Managing the neurosurgical on-call can be one of the more daunting aspects of the role of a
Neurosurgical Registrar. The on-calls may range from managing complex and difficult cases to the often challenging logistical issues which can arise.

Whilst there are courses that cover neurosurgical conditions; operative skills and managing neurosurgical patients, this course specifically addresses these complex and often difficult issues.


The course is aimed at Trainees, ST1 - ST3, providing the relevant knowledge and skills to adequately manage neurosurgical on-calls and ultimately help improve patient care. Content will include:

▌ What a consultant expects from a junior registrar on-call

▌ Lessons learned from experienced trainees

▌ Top tips and how to do well

▌ The difference between adult & paediatrics

▌ Cases-based scenarios including the hectic on-call and common logistical challenges

Date 09.10.2021
08:30 - 17:15

Location GB, Glasgow, University of Glasgow

Target Group Clinical Specialists

Language English (UK)

Participation Fee(Gross)
75.00 GBP


Samantha Womack
Brookdale Road
S35 2PW Sheffield
United Kingdom

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Samantha Womack
Brookdale Road
S35 2PW Sheffield
United Kingdom

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