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The B. Braun IV Forum; Advancements in Peripheral IV Cannulation, will focus on how ultrasound, combined with a longer length peripheral IV cannula, Introcan Safety Deep Access, can enhance patient care through reducing the risk of IV related complications, leading to improved dwell times and reducing the number of re-insertions. Two leading experts in the field of Vascular Access will share their experience and top tips for performing ultrasound guided cannulation and the process they have undertaken to establish ultrasound guided cannulation teams within their Trusts.


To ensure a real ‘sharing expertise’ experience the webinar is conducted using MS Teams – we recommend that you download the software to access this webinar.

The joining instructions and access link will be sent out to you once your registration has been confirmed.

Please note that this webinar will be recorded. We respectfully ask that you turn off your camera for the duration of this webinar. Your microphone will be automatically muted by the hosts.

Questions can be added in to the ‘chat function’ to make this webinar truly interactive.


For product enquiries please contact:

Rachel Kent

Marketing Manager - IV Therapy | B. Braun Medical Ltd


Date 06.10.2021
14:00 - 16:00

Target Group Clinical Specialists

Language English (UK)

Product Competency

We appreciate your interest for this course.
Please note that you cannot register online for this event. We kindly ask you to contact your employer who will able to inform you about the registration process after consulting the local B. Braun contact person.


Samantha Womack
Brookdale Road
S35 2PW Sheffield
United Kingdom

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Samantha Womack
Brookdale Road
S35 2PW Sheffield
United Kingdom

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